Deteriorating Sewer Pipe

Deteriorating Sewer Pipe

Keck Plumbing is a certified Perma-Liner installer.  Perma-Liner Industries has developed a proven method to rehabilitate 2″ to 24″ diameter pipelines utilizing a “local” sectional repair system.

Sewer Line full of roots

Sewer Line with Massive Root Intrusion

We specialize in fixing your sewer line without digging up your yard!

Almost every broken sewer line can be repaired IN PLACE with the Perma-Liner system!  Compare video from the inside of a repaired sewer line with this before video from the inside of a heavily damaged sewer line and a video from the inside of a damaged cast iron sewer line.

Lateral Lining After Photo

After Relining, your Sewer Pipe is new again. With No Digging.

This repair method saves your landscaping and lawn. It also saves you the expense of digging an ugly trench.

When the Perma-Liner has cured, a structural new pipe has been created in place of your old sewer line.