Perma-Liner™ Lateral Repait completed without excavation

Perma-Liner™ lateral repair completed without excavation

Quincy, IL area residents fix broken sewer pipes with Perma-Liner™ and Keck Plumbing

Residents in Quincy, IL, Adams County, and the surrounding area have been fighting storm water inflow and infiltration in the city’s sanitary sewer collections system for years.

With this in mind, many residents have learned about our new approach to pipeline rehabilitation which includes some new techniques along with changes to other methods they have previously relied upon.

The wastewater stream is typical for an American suburban community, with private homes and small commercial accounts producing most of the flow. Adam’s County’s newest treatment of choice for sewer lines is proving to be cured-in-place pipe for mainlines, circumference lining technology for laterals, and CIP or spray lining on manholes.

The oldest sewer lines in this area go back more than a century. The inflow & infiltration sources are typical: roots that penetrate and crack buried pipes along with general deterioration of the pipe materials. Many of the lines making up the system are past their life expectancy, but Keck Plumbing can help you. Please call today!