Photo showing a deteriorating sewer pipe like the one in your Springfield, Illinois yard

Deteriorating Sewer Pipe

Keck Plumbing is a certified Perma-Liner installer in Springfield, Illinois.  Perma-Liner Industries has developed a proven method to rehabilitate 2″ to 24″ diameter pipelines utilizing a “local” sectional repair system.

For sewer pipes, drain lines, and water lines, our state-of-the-art trenchless technology can make your repair without digging up your yard. Most repairs are done faster and with much less mess, and are more affordable. Keck Plumbing is the right place to call.

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Keck Plumbing is the answer to Sangamon County Sewer Lines full of roots

Sewer Line with Massive Root Intrusion

We specialize in fixing your Sangamon County or City sewer line without digging up your yard!

Almost every broken Springfield area sewer line can be repaired IN PLACE with the Perma-Liner system!  Compare video from the inside of a repaired sewer line with this before video from the inside of a heavily damaged sewer line and a video from the inside of a damaged cast iron sewer line.

Photo inside a pipe that has had the Lateral Lining process, fixing all cracks and breaks in place without digging up your Springfield, Illinois area yard

After Relining, your Sewer Pipe is new again. With No Digging.

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This repair method saves your landscaping and lawn. It also saves you the expense of digging an ugly trench.

When the Perma-Liner has cured, a structural new pipe has been created in place of your old sewer line.

Perma-Liner™ Lateral Repait completed without excavation. Perfect for Springfield, Illinois winters

Perma-Liner™ lateral repair completed without excavation

Springfield, IL area residents fix broken sewer pipes with Perma-Liner™ and Keck Plumbing

Residents in Springfield, IL, Sangamon County, and the surrounding areas to the west have been fighting storm water inflow and infiltration in the city’s sanitary sewer collections system for years.

With this in mind, many residents have learned about our new approach to pipeline rehabilitation which includes some new techniques along with changes to other methods they have previously relied upon.

The wastewater stream is typical for an American suburban community, with private homes and small commercial accounts producing most of the flow. Sangamon County’s newest treatment of choice for sewer lines is proving to be cured-in-place pipe for mainlines, circumference lining technology for laterals, and CIP or spray lining on manholes.

The oldest sewer lines in this area go back more than a century. The inflow & infiltration sources are typical: roots that penetrate and crack buried pipes along with general deterioration of the pipe materials. Many of the lines making up the system are past their life expectancy, but Keck Plumbing can help you. Please call today!

Picote Pipe Coating Process

Another service choice that is available in Springfield now is Picote.

The Picote Coating System is a simple, fast and practical coating system used for drain and sewer renovation. Coat unlined or lined pipes or connections from DN32 – DN150 / 1¼” – 6″ with the Picote Coating Pump and Mini Miller combination. Coat anything from a small area (such as a lined connection) to entire piping systems, for example blocks of flats using an unique world-class vegetable-oil based resin with strong bonding properties for cast iron, PVC, concrete or clay pipes.

How does it work?

​​The Picote Coating System is very simple. Attach the Coating Pump to the Mini Miller and then set up the coating pump as per instructions on the video.

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